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Expand your concept of Karate beyond self-defense to include mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. No other activity provides the combination of benefits that Karate offers. Karate is an approach to living life to its fullest.

Karate has helped numerous adults and children develop superior motor skills, tone muscles, increase flexibility, and improve cardiovascular conditioning. Karate develops a sound body and a sharp, alert and disciplined mind. These rewards will be yours for life.

I teach Karate to individuals with varying levels of ability, developing your strengths and working within your limitations.

Adults will discover that training assists in coping with and reducing stress and anxiety, increases stamina and energy levels, and better equips you to respond to the challenges of life.

Children are taught to use their abundance of energy in a positive, controlled and constructive way. Through my unique program, children develop social skills like fairness in competition, helping one another, conversing without interrupting others, apologizing when appropriate, and leadership qualities. Emphasis is placed on courtesy and respect for others. Children develop a positive, healthy attitude. Through increasing concentration and self-discipline, academic skills also improve.

When children feel secure in their ability to defend themselves, they realize a greater self-esteem and their overall ability to learn in school increases. Karate offers an opportunity to gain self-confidence, develop a feeling of pride through accomplishment, and a sense of identity.

Karate is an art based on peace and harmony. I help children develop the confidence to resolve conflict in a peaceful way. Through teaching self-control and responsibility for one's actions, students learn to use Karate only in a self-defense situation. Students do not look for trouble. However, trouble makers do exist and Karate is the most powerful and effective means of self-defense.

Childhood and adolescence is a very difficult time for young people. Self-discipline and self-confidence are needed so they can say "NO," stick up for themselves and not be persuaded by negative peer pressure.

Traditional martial arts have always emphasized the importance of self-discipline and self-control. Repetition of basic technique under the tutelage of a knowledgeable instructor is the foundation for building strong technique. I believe that confidence grows as a student develops skill, advances in rank and gains a true sense of accomplishment. Positive self-esteem is developed through a sense of self-worth, achieving goals and "doing well."

The "way" of Karate-do, meaning empty-hand way, reminds us that the goal of martial arts training is to develop our mind, body and spirit and the road we must travel requires many years of dedication, discipline and hard training. Personal effort is of key importance in the success of the student. Working towards a Black Belt requires discipline, perseverance and patience.

I offer the finest martial arts training available. My program is unique with an emphasis on tradition and excellence in instruction. I will continue to teach moral excellence and give my students the tools to be successful in all walks of life, and instill important virtues such as loyalty, honesty, respect, benevolence, politeness, responsibility, self-discipline and self-control. I am dedicated to helping students to reach their full potential, to overcome their own obstacles and limitations, to improve upon yesterday, and to achieve all their goals and dreams. In a world where nothing is predicable, the benefits of a traditional martial arts program are something you can count on.

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